Grant Recipients for 2011

Malibu Creek Craysfish Removal
Sierra Pacific/Wilderness Fly Fishers

Riparian Habitat Restoration
Sespe Fly Fishers
Malibu-Creek-Crayfish-Removal Sespe-Fly-Fishers-Riparian-Habitat-Restoration

Grant Announcements

June 25, 2011. The FFF and SWC have awarded grants to support several member club conservation projects.

Sespe Fly Fishers: Club members will plant trees in riparian habitat of the endangered Southern California Steelhead in the Ventura River

Sierra Pacific Fly Fishers: Club members will help place temperature monitors in critical habitat of the California golden trout, and collect fin clips for genetic testing

San Diego Fly Fishers: Funding to support an initial bio-assessment of Nine Mile Creek in the Golden Trout Wilderness.

Sierra Pacific/Wilderness Fly Fishers: Club will join forces to trap and remove non-native invasive crayfish from Malibu Creek.


They've received a grant for restoration of the Informational Kiosk at Hot Creek.


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