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Joe Libeu
3901 Brayton Ave
Long Beach
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Miscellaneous Information

Miscellaneous Information:

Guide: Joe Libeu - Federation of Fly Fishers Master Casting Instructor

Current I am responsible for teaching students, the teaching, training and testing of individuals that aspire to become certified and master casting instructor.  As a Federation of Fly Fishers Casting BOG I am involved in educating the fly-fishing public in the art of excellent fly-casting. Ascertaining the qualifications of those individuals who aspire to become certified fly casting instructors by means of oral and /or written examination by performance test and by personal evaluation.  Certifying fly-casting instructors with respect to there casting and instructional ability under the auspices of the Federation of Fly Fishers. 


·         1993 Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor

·         1993 Advisory Council for Federation of Fly Fishers

·         1997 Federation of Fly Fishers Masters Fly Casting Instruction (Currently there are about 240 masters in the US)  

·         2000 Federation of Fly Fishers Board of Governors                         

·         2004 FFF National Conclave Casting Chairman

·         2005 Elected to the Casting BOG Executive Committee

·         2006 FFF National Conclave Casting Chairman

·         2006 Workshop developer for accept cable cast for the MCI Workshop on Performance test.



·         Fly fishing since 1973

·         Fly fishing guide since 1998

·         National Pro Staff of G. Loomis, 5 years

·         Pro Staff for Bob Marriotts Fly Fishing store.

·         Consultant for Costa Azul Resort in Mexico.  Responsible for training of Panga   

Captains in conventional fishing and fly-fishing.

·         Fly Fishing consultant to Ronnie Kovacks Fishing Expedition on 3 TV shows.

·         Guest Fly Fishing expert on Ronnie Kovacks Saturday morning radio shows.

·         Guest Fly Fishing expert on Western Fishing and Boating Radio.

·         Zocor  Fly Fishing Commercial 2004



·         Developed and teach the “On the River Clinic” at the Long Beach Casting Club.   Developed the program 6 years ago.

·         Participated as Assistant Instructor of Beginning Fly fishing class at UCLA.

·         Teaching, “Mastering the Art of Fly Fishing “for three years at CSULB.

·         Teaching, "Mastering the Art of Fly Fishing" at El Camino Jr. College.

·         On going instructions on club outing in saltwater, warm water and cold water fishing.

·         Developed, organized and guided the Long Beach Casting Club Casting program for the last 8 years. 

·         Recognized as the top teaching club in the USA




·         Owner of Sierra Pacific Fishing Adventures. Fly Fishing excursions, Classes and Private Instruction.

·         Fly Fishing Guide in Ca. in both fresh and saltwater.

·         Field tester for Airflo Products.

·         Teach a 2 day Fly Fishing class to students on the Lower Owens in Bishop, CA.

·         Current conduct Fly Fishing excursion 6-8 location per yr within the US and Internationally.




·         Long Beach Casting Club Ed Thomas Awards for teaching Casting (2 times)

·         Pauley Carthcath Teaching award

·         Mel Krieger Casting instructor of the Year Award

·         J. Stanley Lloyd order of the May Fly award for contribution to Fly Fishing






·         Long Beach Casting Club

·         Federation of Fly Fishers