I am sitting in the airport in Portland, on my way home after spending a week in Bend, Oregon. We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of the IFFF and had loads of meetings about the direction of the organization. I am drinking decaf because I am already fired up about the potential of what can be done with what we have and where we can go. It was REALLY great to see members of Sierra Pacific FF, Pasadena CC, Sespe FF, Deep Creek FF and Kaweah FF and a wonderful surprise to see a great, full box of flies donated to the silent auction from Aguabonita FF. I do wish that more clubs would come to a National conference to see the IFFF when everyone gathers from around the world.

I always wish I came away from our meetings with some nugget that is going to help your club grow immediately or connect individual IFFF members to all that the Council and IFFF have to offer. But as so often is the case, it is more about the big picture than the nitty gritty. The big affirmation is that IFFF TEACHES FLY FISHING! And we are going to hang our hat on that more than ever before. We are the ones at the front line of introducing new people into our sport. The clubs are the ones that collectively teach fly fishing in greater numbers than just about any fly fishing related entity. The IFFF is going to work to create an atmosphere and quality of materials that allow more people than ever to access our sport. This is something that we, the individuals, clubs, Council and IFFF, can do together on a great scale than ever before.

On that note, I will end this message with the hopes that we see in Bishop in October for our 4th Annual Fly Fishing Faire and that as a member of the IFFF, you enjoy what we have to offer and remain involved!

Michael Schweit

President, SWCIFFF