We want to thank you for your support of the Southwest Council (SWC) and the International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF). As you know, the SWC is the collective voice of the clubs and unites all fly fishers in our regions. SWC does not charge dues as your dues to the IFFF automatically make you a member of the SWC. Your membership to the IFFF supports the IFFF programs and staff. Unfortunately it does not financially support the local Fly Fishing Federations including the SWC. This is where we need your help. We rely solely on fundraisers and donations from our members and the community to do the work we do.

As a unified voice for Southern California and Nevada, the SWC can influence the IFFF and conservation issues, educate our youth through Trout in the Classroom (TIC) and most importantly engage and encourage the general public of the positive impacts the fly fishing community makes and the opportunity for everyone to participate in the joy of fly fishing.

Rich Bollinger, TIC Director, states “Everyone is extremely happy about how the Southwest Council has changed the attitude and funding within the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in Southern California. Deep Creek FF trained 33 teachers last month; the largest class ever trained at one time.”

We need your help and support through donations to make sure the SWC can continue to provide and support thecfr-retreatCasting For Recovery Retreat  fly fishing programs throughout Southern California and Nevada..

The SWC Board of Directors is made up of twenty one volunteers. They put in over 200 hours per month planning and executing events and programs like the Fly Fishing Faire, FlyBuy, The Fred Hall Show, casting and tying events and many other activities related to fly fishing as well as supporting programs and organizations that provide unique fly fishing opportunities such as is Trout in the Classroom, Project Healing Casting For Recovery Retreat Waters (PHW) and Casting for Recovery (CFR).

“I have seen the efforts of the SWC - IFFF in promoting fly fishing and supporting the Southern California Fly Fishing Community. SWC- IFFF has stepped up and supported our Casting For Recovery SoCal Retreats for breast cancer survivors. I am amazed at the time and support the Council provides to organizations like ours to bring fly fishing to others in a way that promotes the world of fly fishing.” – Bonnie Anderson, Southern California CFR Program Coordinator.

ticTrout fry release, Trout in the ClassroomThe SWC is aware that people know where to go to learn tennis or golf but learning about Fly fishing is harder to find and we are continually working to create more visibility for our Fly Fishing community. We run advertising campaigns,
use print (Western Outdoor News, Los Angeles Times) radio (Mammoth/Bishop stations, San Diego Let’s Talk Hook-up) and social media. We also use our liaisons with fly fishing related manufacturers and retailers to help support co-op advertising to keep our costs as low as possible.

Working with Project Healing Waters since 2007, Carole Katz, Southwest Regional Coordinator, stated “The Southwest Council of the IFFF has provided a valuable forum through which Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing can publicize our activities, answer questions, and encourage other clubs to help. I’ve always known that I could rely on the Council for advice and support, and I truly appreciate their generosity.”

You should be proud of the Conservation work the Council has done and will continue to do including the restoration of Lahontan Cutthroat Trout lctRescued Lahontan Cutthroat Trout in Silver Creek, north of Bridgeport. For 2016, more than ever, we need your help as we lost one of our partners and now must shoulder the financial load with Trout Unlimited to continue the project.

Please invest in your passion of Fly Fishing. Every dollar you give to the Southwest Council goes directly to the work of your Council and all that we do. Thank you for your support and generosity.



As an extra incentive, for every $10.00 you donate over $50.00, you will get a raffle ticket. On January 1, 2016, we will draw the winning ticket and you could win a Kane Klassic graphite fly rod with their custom created cane handle, valued at 650.00. http://kaneklassics.com/custom-bamboo-fly-rods/graphite-fly-rods/